Carpet cleaners in Grays Essex cleaning throughout the county since 1980.

Carpet cleaning Grays have been cleaning carpets rugs and upholstery to a standard that cannot be beaten for neary 30 years. Having been established back in 1980 as local cleaners they are now working through out the county. There is not much that they have not encountered over the years. They offer both a domestic and commercial carpet cleaning service in Grays that's so good you will never want to use another carpet cleaner! The repeat business and referrals keep them busy all year round, Their client testimonials say it all for a business that has put a lot of time and effort into building a loyal client base.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning Grays cleans better than any other system guaranteed.

Carpet cleaners grays use a truck mounted system the most powerful equipment that can be used for cleaning, It is many times more powerful (suction and Pressure) than the portable cleaning machines that the majority of carpet cleaners essex wide are still using, carpets clean up superbly, achieving much quicker drying times. No need to use your hot water or your electricity as the truck mount is a completely self contained system, carrying it own water that it can heat to 240 degrees. An improved service all round you would have to agree. They specialise in cleaning upholstery of all types and are experts in cleaning oriental and pure wool rugs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Their is such a variety of upholstered furniture to choose from now days that it goes with out saying leads to a varied approach towards cleaning the same. The mainstay approach for cleaning the majority of upholstery is the time tested hot water extraction method and the truck mount system that...

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a big investment and deserve the very best in terms of cleaning, once again it must be said that most indian and chinese rugs clean up fantastic using the truck mount approach towards cleaning, their are some rugs that because of the rich colours involved...

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Eco Friendly Allergy Safe

Carpet cleaning grays are proud to be a company that specialise in eco friendly and allergy safe cleaning and have led the way in helping people and their pets with a gentle safe cleaning approach that's helps reduce some of the primary allergens, helping in the process to cut down often...

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